Irena’s professional interests include best practice in applied technology innovations in education from around the world with a particular focus on

* development and delivery of digital learning resources
* learning spaces (both ‘real’ and virtual)
* ePortfolios as enablers of both collabortive and personalised reflective learning
* teacher and trainer professional learning in the use of digital learning technologies
* marketing online education services
* research into internet user (both learner and teacher) expectations with a particular focus on the following five categories: searcher, explorer, participator, self-improver and curator.

Her professional career spans all aspects of teaching and learning using digital technologies: from research to instructional and learning systems design, teaching, marketing and online delivery in schools, vocational education and training, universities and across a wide range of industries.

In her current role at Flinders University, Irena is assisting faculty staff to populate the Flinders Learning Online (FLO) Moodle 2.0 system by migrating existing content from WebCT and assisting in a Moodle Club where staff can get help in creating their own course content.

During the past four years Irena has worked as a Senior Educator and Teacher at the RMIT University TAFE Business School in Melbourne and as a Project Manager at Swinburne University overseeing the development of eLearning resources and online delivery of TAFE courses to industry clients in the community services sector across Australia. Most recently she has worked as the eLearning Manager for the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Centre for Education and Training in Adelaide.

In 2009 she completed a six month international literature review while coordinating an Australian Learning and Teaching Council project at Swinburne University to evaluate learning spaces projects in three Australian universities. Her other research projects include compiling a comprehensive guide to online knowledge networks from around the world.

In addition to her proven experience in the development and delivery of innovative digital education and training services and products, Irena has a strong background in marketing that includes roles as the Marketing Director for and teaching tertiary education courses in eMarketing and Market Research.

Prior to moving to Adelaide in 2000, Irena was a Training Manager with the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) where her role focussed on leading the development of a new learning management system which she also designed. At the RTA she also established and piloted a virtual campus, leading to the early use of eLearning by employees in remote locations.

In the earlier phases of her career Irena worked as a Chief Education Officer with the Open Training and Education Network (OTEN), globally recognised as a leading provider of distance education since 1910. She has also worked as a TAFE teacher with experience totaling five years, as well as a TAFE teacher educator at UTS; a journalist, editor and trainer with leading financial services organisation Westpac; Australian Student Traineeships Foundation product and projects manager, after spending the first 10 years of her career with the Commonwealth Employment Service in a range of staff training, public relations and management roles.

Irena is an active member of several online learning communities of practice, with many personal connections to national and international networks of leaders in digital education and research.


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